Hellenic Community Schools

The schools of the Hellenic Community of Lubumbashi (SHCL) were founded in 1968 and operate since. In 1981, by ministerial decision, they were recognized as equal to the schools of Greece and they function according to the current applicable Greek legislation on public schools. The foundation of the schools marked a milestone in the history of the Community; around them the life of the Community was organized, while the Greek presence and national conscience was stimulated – and still is. Greek education and learning is offered to the students.
Hellenic School
Our schools that cover all stages of public education (Preschool – Primary School – “Gymnasium”- “Lyceum”), are housed and belong to the Hellenic Community of Lubumbashi; they were built thanks to donations and support of Greek expatriates.


The schools have been recently renovated: the building and rooms, and the yard. They have a fully equipped laboratory for physics and chemistry; a room for informatics, art; a gym; a rich lending library and canteen.


The schools and their proper function is a primary goal for the Community. They are supported and reinforced by the Community, which also claims the transfer of teachers from the Hellenic Ministry of Education, to ensure smooth operation of the schools. Our graduates pursue successfully their education in Greece’s universities and other high-education establishments.

For us, the Greeks of Lubumbashi, the schools are the center of our life, our progress and development.

School Events